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I haven’t been snowboarding this whole winter and have just been itching to get up there.. but this video  made my stomach drop! brought back some bad memory’s which made respect these guys so much more.


Passion Pit

I was searching through my favourites on my youtube account. going back to some of the very early videos that ive liked and added them as my favourites which brought back memorys, i stumbled across this cool remix of passion pit. i loved this song so much! then one day it vanished… were did it go?? thank you youtube for bringing it back.

Call it what you want… I call It art

check ot the guy dancing allong side if him! so uncomfortably akward… pretty much my life story. WHY WHY WHY!!!…………. looks like hes loving it though.. whatever hes got, i want some.

Jordan Barns

A friend of mine Jordan Barns, a local artist and surfer made this 3d art piece which i tought was sooo cool!! check it out. let me know what you think.

The other day i was shopping and came across this wicked piece of air brushed art. thought it was amazing! just had to have it.

As i was researching kinetic sculpture and found these cool art pieces